Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Vato-ization of Batman

One of my favorite movies is Training Day, which portrays Ludwig von Mises' observation in The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science:

The men who are to protect the community against violent aggression easily turn into the most dangerous aggressors.

This week I saw Harsh Times, directed and written by Training Day screenwriter David Ayer. If for no other reason, rent it to see Christian Bale as a vato loco.

That's right, Patrick Bateman/Batman talks about pistos, cohetes, and other stuff in excellent Spanish.

Like Denzel Washington's character in Training Day, Bale plays a witty and gifted psycho who serves the State and was trained by the same. Both worldly and savage, Bale's character is multilingual and uses words like "parasitic" and "harem" when he's not throwing beer bottles against windshields and putting guns to heads.

These incongruent traits make for a very memorable protagonist and highly entertaining movie with important themes.

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