Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Is That Blood On Your Hand, Miguel?

I remember thinking Miguel Moratinos was a knob when I saw him in Oliver Stone's 2003 documentary, Persona Non Grata. Back then he was "EU Special Representative to the Middle East Process."

Well, I was wrong about Moratinos. He's way beyond knobdom.

Now foreign minister of Spain, Moratinos recently met with Raul "Machine-Gun People And Throw 'Em In A Ditch" Castro in Cuba to re-establish relations. Here's one of the photos Moratinos took with the mass murderer.

Wash that hand, Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores. There's a lot of blood on it.

Moratinos didn't meet with dissidents during the visit, as that would have clashed with kissing totalitarian ass.

"Moratinos's visit was an insult to the Cuban people," said former prisoner of conscience Vladimiro Roca. "He came and gave tyranny a slap on the back."

The next time Moratinos or some other Spanish leftist gets outraged about Franco or Pinochet, keep this visit in mind.

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