Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where Is Al Sharpton's Apology?

With the lame atonement of Don Imus before Al Sharpton yesterday, I ask:

Where is Sharpton's apology?

Apology for what? Praising a notorious oppressor of black people comes to mind.

In his 2002 book Al on America, Sharpton recounts a meeting with Fidel Castro in Cuba. This is the same Castro whose regime imprisons and tortures Afro-Cuban human rights activists like Oscar Elías Biscet, Iván Hernández Carrillo, and the late Miguel Valdés Tamayo, whose death was murder by degrees.

This is the same regime that imprisoned the late black Cuban patriot Eusebio Peñalver for almost 30 years.

This is the same regime where it's a crime to criticize Castro and the rest of the regime's mostly white functionaries.

And how did Sharpton describe Castro in Al on America? He called him "brilliant" and "absolutely awesome."

Sharpton said that Imus' comments were "abominable." Abominable describes Sharpton's comments, which are also an offense against the aforementioned Cuban heroes.

In addition to solidarity with black Cubans like Biscet and Carrillo, Sharpton owes these men an apology. Until he acknowledges his despicable error, Sharpton has as much moral credibility as Charles Lindbergh after he called Hitler "a great man" in 1937.

That would be less than zero credibility.

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