Monday, April 23, 2007

When Revolution Is Worse

One of my best friends recommended I see Land of the Blind. This being a guy who shares my affection for Superman II--"Kneel before Zod!" is inexplicably absent from the American Film Institute's 100 greatest movie lines--I took his recommendation.

Land of the Blind is about the exacerbation of a country's misery through revolutionary rule. It obliquely represents what happened in Russia after czarism, Cuba after Batista, and Iran after the Shah (not so obliquely regarding Iran).

The movie is also about the need for foresight. A rival to a tyrant is often worse than the tyrant, and support for the wrong movement has disastrous consequences. (See Cuba since 1959 and Iran since 1979.)

This isn't an argument for the conservation of oppression, rather the prevention of worse suffering. If you care about your country, you don't replace a pit bull with a Queen Xenomorph.

And by depicting a revolution not as salvation but damnation, Land of the Blind is itself revolutionary in a community (Hollywood) where several denizens are prone to kissing totalitarian ass.

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