Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Get Your Technique Every Rep"

In 1981, Gary Heisey was 6'7" and weighed 198 in his mid 20s. In 1992, he deadlifted 925 pounds weighing 358, the 7th highest deadlift of all time. He states at 4:25 of this video on going for a PR deadlift after the fatigue of squatting and benching in a meet:

"The hardest part is keeping your form...If you train it in the gym to get your technique every rep, every rep during every set, it's a lot easier to focus..."

World Games gold medalist Mike Tuchscherer, who has deadlifted 826 in the 275 lb. weight class, similarly notes at 3:10 of a recent squat training video:

"From the time that you approach the bar from the time that you put the bar back into the rack, every movement is important, and everything has to be efficient."

And as Ernie Frantz put it in two of his "commandments" from The Ten Commandments of Powerlifting:
  • "Act like your light lifts are heavy, so your heavy lifts will feel light."
  • "Concentration separates the good from the best."


ChaseT said...

Did you use this technique to work up to your massive 360 lb deadlift at your latest meet?

Anonymous said...

There's a 123lb chick that out benches you.. lololololol