Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We Age and Stay Strong

I grew up listening to classic rock groups like The Kinks and recently heard Terry Gross' interview with the lead singer from the band, Ray Davies. At 31:10, she plays the beginning of Davies' song "Run Away From Time" from his 2006 album, Other People's Lives. Two of the verses are:

And time is the avenger
But why should we just surrender to it?

This brings to mind masters powerlifters who maintain amazing levels of strength or grow even stronger. They exemplify King Solomon's holy counsel in Ecclesiastes: "Whatever you are able to do, do with all your might." Consider Brad Gillingham deadlifting a personal record of 881 pounds at 42 years old:

Or Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary winning her 15th national championship this year, setting PRs and world records at 41:

Or 50-year-old David Ricks winning the 198 lb. weight class at this year's Raw Unity Meet with a 716 lb. deadlift:

Or Larry Wallen and Bob Gaynor deadlifting 705 lbs. and 680 lbs. in their 60s:

Or Rick Melear deadlifting 589 lbs. at his first meet in 18 years:

Or former powerlifter Mark Rippetoe doing 18 real chin-ups in his 50s:

If you need added motivation to train, turn off the volume on whichever of those clips you like best, and pause to just before the lift begins. Then watch it while listening to the second verse quoted from "Run Away From Time."

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